George Isman

How did you get into harness racing?

My father was involved.

How long have you been a driver/trainer?

44 years (1972)

In your opinion what is the biggest innovation the sport has seen since you began racing?

Quick hitch and sulky improvements

Other than Manitoba where have you trained/driven?

Alberta, Saskatchewan, North Dakota

Favorite horse you have trained/driven?

Dusty Champ

Favorite horse you haven’t trained/driven?

Cam Fella

Biggest Harness Racing inspiration?

George PicNorm Temple

Best memory of your harness racing career?

Winning Assiniboia Downs Pace with Kara Brewer

Goals for 2016 racing season?

Have a safe and lucrative season

Long term racing goals?

Retire with a small outstanding stable

Aside from harness racing what do you enjoy doing?

Watching sports and auction sales