Glenn LeDrew

How did you get into harness racing?

My father has been involved with harness racing since I was born.

How long have you been a driver / trainer?

15 years

In your opinion what is the biggest innovation the sport has seen since you began racing?

Better race bikes now than ever before and more exciting wager types for race fans.

Other than Manitoba where have you trained / driven?

I have been fortunate to drive at tracks all across Canada (PEI, NS, ON, MB, SK, BC)

Favorite horse you have trained / driven?

I have two favorites Nealies Master & Nealies Chancette

Favorite horse you haven’t trained / driven?


Biggest Harness Racing inspiration?


My father Ken, and brothers Brad & Paul.

Best memory of your harness racing career?

Driving in Western Canadian Driving Championships.

Goals for 2016 racing season?

I’d like to reconnect with the Manitoba racing community.

Long term racing goals?

I’m hoping to stay healthy enough to drive well into retirement years!

Aside from harness racing what do you enjoy doing?

Spending time with family & friends and I like playing hockey.