Jacques Lambert

How did you get into harness racing?

My grandfather Sylvio Fillion raced horses for many years. I started working at the farm at a very young age.

How long have you been a driver/trainer?

I got my trainer’s licence in 2007 and driver’s licence in 2010.

In your opinion what is the biggest innovation the sport has seen since you began racing?


Other than Manitoba where have you trained/driven?

Only in MB

Favorite horse you have trained/driven?

Jacksons Spin

Favorite horse you haven’t trained/driven?


Biggest Harness Racing inspiration?

Jacques - Racing

Grandfather – Sylvio Fillion

Best memory of your harness racing career?

Winning my grandfather’s memorial race with my horse Meadowlark Bigmoney with my cousin Philip Giesbrecht driving

Goals for 2016 racing season?

Trainer under 40 / Driver under 40

Long term racing goals?

Race progeny that are born and raised on my farm.

Aside from harness racing what do you enjoy doing?

Spending time with my wife and kids.