Kevin Hildebrandt

How did you get into harness racing?

I was raised into the sport. My grandpa started in 1968.

How long have you been a driver / trainer?

I’ve been a trainer since I was 16 so 5 years.

In your opinion what is the biggest innovation the sport has seen since you began racing?

Since I’ve begun racing I’d say the biggest innovation the sport has seen has been on the marketing side of things. I’d say most places have started to utilize social media to their advantage .

Other than Manitoba where have you trained / driven?

I’ve trained in Saskatchewan.

Favorite horse you have trained/driven?

Meadowlarks Legacy would have to be my number 1, but I do really enjoy training Smoky Moon as well.

Favorite horse you haven’t trained / driven?

My favourite horse as a kid was Ocean Captain. He was my pet when I was 3. A horse from outside of Manitoba though I’d have to go with Admirals Express.

Biggest Harness Racing inspiration?

My grandpa was my biggest inspiration.

Best memory of your harness racing career?

Best memory of my career so far is winning the MHHI Claiming series with Meadowlarks Legacy in 2013.

Goals for 2016 racing season?

Well the goal is always to win as many races as possible. It would be nice to win a stake race with the 3 year old I’m training.

Long term racing goals?

I’d like to see racing in Manitoba improve. The racing itself is good but we need a long term place to race.

Aside from harness racing what do you enjoy doing?

Aside from harness racing, I play baseball in the summer and in winter I play Jr.C hockey with the Red River Mudbugs.