Michel Rey

How did you get into harness racing?

I was born into it!! My parents have been racing horses ever since I can remember.

How long have you been a driver / trainer?

I have been a licensed trainer since 2006 and have been a licensed driver since 2007.

In your opinion what is the biggest innovation the sport has seen since you began racing?

The race bikes. They have gotten so much lighter and now that they are offset you can really save a lot of ground on a mile.

Other than Manitoba where have you trained / driven?

Saskatchewan and North Dakota

Favorite horse you have trained / driven?


Favorite horse you haven’t trained / driven?


Biggest Harness Racing inspiration?

As a trainer my biggest inspiration is my father Ricky Rey. As a driver it would be Jody Jamieson

Best memory of your harness racing career?

Winning the mb great western stake with Diggin a trench in 2015.

Goals for 2016 racing season?


Long term racing goals?

Winning the driving title and representing Manitoba at the western regional driving championship.

Aside from harness racing what do you enjoy doing?

Working and helping my parents run the beef cow operation. Also enjoy playing hockey and going hunting.